Walter Five (walter5) wrote in all_our_fault,
Walter Five

Possibly the coolest song ever... 20 years old now...

Tony Powers

Well, I was in this police station
Being booked for garlic breath
In the corner was a cripple
They was kickin' him to death

From a cell somewhere
I heard this woman scream, 'You're hurtin' me'
On the wall there was this poster
'Holy Name Society'

I was in this courtroom
Because I had a fight with my own wife
Law and order was so thick
You could cut it with a knife

While this landlord made a payoff
So they'd de-control his slum
His Honor told some girl, 'I reckon'
'In my car if you don't chew gum.'

Don't nobody move...this is a heist.

Well, she was standin' on the corner
When this dude asked her the price
She said, 'You mean...?' He said, 'Take it, honey'
'Buy yourself something nice.'

Soon as he got off
And she was still squattin' on her heels
He produced a pair of handcuffs
And a very shiny little shield

They was towing me away
Because I don't have diplomatic plates
While this diplomat I know
Smuggles "H" into the 'States

I said, 'Let me have the ticket'
'And the car, save me a trip'
So they hauled me in for giving them
Some unauthorized lip

Don't nobody move...this is a heist.

Well, I was underneath my dresser
Just in case of sneak attack
When this television quiz show
Called to ask where I was at

I said, 'Underneath my dresser'
Then they're poundin' on my door
The audience went wild
And the emcee said, 'Would you like to try for more?'

Yes!...Yes, I would...

I was drivin' down the highway
And I did not have the toll
So they gave me the electric chair
It cured my cold

Well, I woke up feelin' hungry
And I asked for something hot
So, they gave me the electric chair again
And then they had me shot

Don't nobody move...this is a heist
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